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Corfu Electric Scooters

Rent an electric scooter at Corfu

Electric Scooter Rental

Renting an electric scooter at Corfu it is excellent choice. You can move around the city with great security and environmental consciousness.

Corfu electric scooters supports a weight of 200kg has a range of 50km – 60km, with a maximum speed of 50 km / h. This makes them maybe the fastest electric scooters on the market. And if this were not enough, its wide tires allow it to have a greater grip, which gives more confidence and safety to the driver. You can transport yourself around the island  for many hours without need to be charged the vehicle, So you can take an eco tour of recognition of Corfu sites you want to visit or enjoy the electric scooter .

With the “All Day Rental” plan, provided 2nd battery so you can drive with e-scooter the double time or distance.

No car, motorbike, or bus can conquer the sensation you will get on your chosen electric scooter!


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If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to call at (+30) 6934001244.

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    Go Green | Hire an Electric Scooter

    Make an eco tour with e-scooter at the small paved streets of Corfu !!

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    Eco Tours

    Get known with Corfu Island by our proposed Eco Tours with an electric scooter or feel free and make your desired personalised Eco Tour.Explore Corfu by electric scooter and admire the city’s grand monuments,the coast line and characteristic neighborhoods.

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    Coastline e-scooter Tour

    Coastline Tour

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    monuments e-scooter Tour

    Monuments Tour

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    villages e-scooter Tour

    Villages Tour

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    Corfu Electric Scooters

    Electric scooters to hire for local residents

    For the Office work | For Public Services | To join an Electric Scooter

    You’re ready to go! Always remember to obey traffic laws, to ride safely and to wear tour helmet!

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    • Corfu Electric Scooters
    • Corfu Electric Scooters
    • Corfu Electric Scooters

    E- Scooters Description

    Maximum speed : 50 km / h
    Max-weight : 200 kilos
    Rage : 50km – 60km (depending on weight, hills and speed)
    Fit : 2 people

    Go Green

    Can anything be more beautiful than renting an electric scooter at Corfu. It so nice to cruise around the island and enjoy the silence and clean air with environmental consciousness.


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    Free pick-up | Free drop-off

    Contact with us  to bring you an electric scooter at  your desire location for free !
    *(For your better service, request should send the previous day).

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    Here’s what our happy eco drivers had to say about our services:

    E-scooters is really nice drive experience. I join a lot the eco tour , “Corfu Electric Scooters” team , proposed me.
    Thank you Labis.

    Sophia T.

    The sensation i got with the e-scooter was unique. Next time i currently rent one, for more time.
    Excellent service, smiley team.Thank you guys for everything

    Harold G.

    Visit the coast line by e-scooter. Swim at every beach you will reach. It will be one of your best days.Trust the e-scooters team.

    Tom B.

    If  you have the opportunity to rent an e-scooter do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the next day rent it again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you Labis

    Anna O.

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